My clients benefit from my special background: I add value because I focus on what I do best, which is handling U.S.-German issues. I collaborate with highly-qualified tax attorneys in Germany and with counsel in the U.S. who are best qualified in their tax-related areas as needed. I also work with experienced German/American attorneys covering matters relating to corporate law, contract law, distribution, licensing, trademarks, and other aspects of commercial law, as well as representation in American and German courts.

Here is a sample of what I can offer:

  • Planning
    • Foreign tax credits vs. foreign earned income exclusion
    • Utilizing the German-American double taxation treaty
  • Compliance
    • Meeting documentation requirements for foreign assets
    • Recognizing whether value added tax must be paid or withheld
  • Return Preparation (U.S.)
    • Thorough review of pertinent information
    • Swift handling of federal and state tax returns, individual and corporate
    • Special attention to international issues
  • Controversy
    • Dealing with tax authorities in the United States
    • Coordination with attorneys in Germany in dealing with German authorities
    • Negotiation of Competent Authority relief
  • Transfer Pricing
    • Planning
    • Documentation
    • Competent Authority relief, advance pricing agreements (APAs)
  • Others
    • Serve as executor of wills
    • Provide expert testimony on tax issues in court

These are just a few selective examples where my international tax background comes in. Besides, I also handle typical domestic issues such as audit assist, installment agreements, offers in compromise, conflict de-escalation with tax authorities, and – if inevitable – representation in court.

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